Change is good. Change is Necessary. Change is life!

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Meet Midlife and Menopause Coach, Eileen Boyle.

Eileen understands the challenges presented by life's experiences because of the obstacles she has faced in her own life. Her strong desire is to help 40-65 year old women manage and overcome problems and crises in their personal and business lives.

  My mission is simple!

  I want to change midlife women's lives better:

     •  Better health

     •  Better relationships

     •  Better financial security

     •  Better careers

     •  Better businesses







Are you facing a midlife crisis?

Eileen is absolutely committed to help you get and give the most from and to life.

Call Eileen at 856-905-9280 


Eileen Boyle - Midlife & Menopause Coach - will  provide support and give firm but loving direction as you face life's transitions, She will show you how to match your personal values, skills, and gifts to the goals you want to achieve.  

Coaching is a collaborative process. Eileen will work with you to find your strengths and passions, to believe in yourself and stay focused, and go after your dreams! If you are ready to make positive changes in your life, contact her today.

Eileen's diverse life and business experiences provide her with a unique, knowledgeable, and very personal perspective. She's had the pleasure of helping hundreds of women live happier, more abundant lives!